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This is officially my first blog were I am introducing Indian Wear.. As by now you all must have known that I have never been a fan of Indian Wear but have always admired how it look on others.. 

From the time I  started blogging a lot of you always wanted me to feature something Indian, so Shrivaaz a designer brand and CultFashionMe came into collaboration and pushed me to love and wear there beautiful designer kurti.. 

Shrivaaz – ” An Ethnic Art To Women Wear” introduces handcrafted designs and there collection has different styles from ethnic western to pure ethnic.. I picked this beautiful Jacket Style Kurti as I am a sucker of outfits that can be used in multiple ways and this kurti is a perfect example for the same…


Jacket Style Kurti is basically a kurti which is worn with a jacket attached or just as a set with it.. In my case it was not attached so that made it more versatile as I can pair the jacket alone with some causal western wear and with other kurtis as well… 


The print,pattern and colour are best contrasting and its seems like a classic piece one can wear to a casual day out or to any Indian function.. As this kurti is a mix of elegance and simplicity you can always jazz it with heavy Indian accessories but I kept it all simple because I loved the prints specially in the borders and pocket detail and for me that worked the best..


The colour contrast is amazing.. I am in love with everything about this jacket style kurti.. Simplicity is the best way to express style and Shrivaaz collection has justified this fact in the best possible way.. I paired this kurti with simple navy blue leggings as the kurti was pretty long and had a fit and flare effect to it… 


With this whole Indian look I went with loose one side braids and jhumkas to bring more elegance to the look.. And finally added bindi and juttis to complete the whole look.. 

This was my edition of Simple-Chic-Elegant Ethic Wear with Shrivaaz collection.. Tell me if you liked it?? 


And before ending this blog I want to give special credits to Too Indian, an amazing cafe in Rajouri Garden ,New Delhi with one of the most colourful interiors and delicious food.. If you are in Delhi or plan to come make sure you visit them…



Jacket Style Kurti :- Shrivaaz 

Juttis :- Janpath

Earings :- C.P

Picture Credit :- Anubhav Singh 

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Game Changer…


Summer without Blues.. Nah!!

Those who are following my blog must have noticed that I am not much of a flats person when it comes to footwear.. I love heels way too much since 7th grade plus I always think that flats doesn’t look good for the type of feet I have.. But my consciousness and one sided love for heels have broken..


Trust me guys wearing  flats feels super comfortable yet stylish and  bad-ass  (p.s I know I am too late to feel that but didn’t ever found a perfect pair until now) …

I got alot of D.M (direct messages) over my Instagram asking for a jeans look, casual look, casual yet fun look etc etc .. So today I am decoding the trend which rocked the runway and streets by many celebs.. Its super casual,comfy and ultimate style check…



So wearing dresses over jeans is now a TREND.. Well before I start I want to clear that you or me don’t have to follow any trends but just have to updated yourself with fashion follow-ups plus whatever comes in your comfort zone is the perfect trend for you.. Just like I didn’t liked the Fishnet trend so spotting it when I am not positive about the trend is just not cool.. So make sure you wear and spot trends inside you comfort or if you are ready to take some challenge and try something new and not because its a trend…

Back again,when I first saw a few people wearing a dress with jeans, I’m not even going to kid you, I thought it was a bit odd. It seemed too “out there” for me and a look that I would never be able to achieve….well, at least without looking like one fashionable fool. So instead of saying I have nothing to wear for probably the bazillionth time, I decided to do a little closet matchmaking with my dresses and jeans. And you know what? They totally fell in love (or as much love as jeans and dresses can possibly fall).. 


I never knew that its one of the most comfortable looks.. Its super casual yet stylish and can be worn at any time of the day..  And whats make it more comfy are these Topcrop flats.. The website link is below do check them out and discover new love for shoes.. 


Honestly guys I am a shoe junkiee and this design just took my heart and huge shout-out to Topcrop for that..  They have a metallic touch to it which versatilie the way you can style them.. I love the fit, the design, the colour and best part is they are very affordable and they have a huge range of very different flats and sneakers.. I can officially say that these are the first pair of flats that i genuinely LOVE…


Wearing a royal blue vibrant colour  for this summer was again a bonus brownie.. This is a long a-line cold shoulder dress.. (which I stole from my sister.. ) Perfect for this casual jeans-dress look.. To frame this dress with jeans I made a little knot at one end of the dress.. You can choose any length of the dress and create your own look by cinching the waste or tying knots or anything to form some symmetry between the dress and jeans..

made braids and added a fun element of red ribbon to get my touch of colour pop..

So this was my experience of this different and new style with my new current favourtie flats..That is it for today.. Stay tuned with alot of stuff coming back to back over my Instagram..


Have you ever tried wearing a dress with jeans? If yes, D.M me your look over my Instagram. I would love to see how you style.. 



Dress :- AND( )

Jeans :- Aeropostale India (Myntra)

Flats :- TopCrop (

Picture Credit :- Anubhav Singh 

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