Red Riding Hood..!!

When I think spring/summer style, I think dresses. They are my go-to, my first instinct, my “can never go wrong” choice in the warmer months. I’m just not much of a Jeans girl…Yes I do wear them, but dresses are my comfort zone and my first love in the sunny season.



So I have planned a series of Floral Prints.. And here is the Part-1 of it..


It was a beautiful day when spring was about to end and one can feel the summer warmth.. I always wanted to be the little red riding chasing down the forest surrounded by the beauty of mother nature.. Having a basket full  of flowers, roaming like the queen of the forest.. So it happened, but this isn’t a forest its a beautiful park with flower shower happening just at the end of spring season.. 

As I said Floral’s are in trend and with such a nature inspired theme of red riding hood, I didn’t wanted to wear anything else than this dress.. A floral pattern contrast the whole idea of admiring floral’s straight from the mother nature to patterns in a piece of cloth.. 


Coming to the look.. I wore this beautiful halter neck floral fit & flare dress .. This dress has floral prints all over black colour which is making all the patterns pop-up .. A patterned dress can be styled in many ways because dresses opens a huge option for styling but I have mentioned this before and I will say it again: playing with contrasts can result in interesting styling options. Try clashing opposite textures, colors, vibes.. 


I went with red heels , so I don’t miss any colours in this world today and tied the extended ribbon of the dress around my head to have this cute lil floral headband thing..


Just like the little red riding hood, I picked my basket filled them with flowers ( Caution: no flower was plucked out of a tree, every flower was shed by the trees and were lying on the ground) During the shoot while walking in the garden for a second I felt the same..  

And if you all are wondering I wore this dress last year on my birthday so definitely it can be worn anywhere… The pattern floral are now found in denims,tops,shorts,shoes,dresses etc. basically in everything so you can style and rock a floral pattern in your style.. 


I wanted to bring my childhood dream Disney story and mix it with the trend of 2017.. You can create your own athleisure,bold, Indian or formal look with floral’s.. Its such a fun and vibrant trend.. All it brings is a smile and joy in eyes.. And I can predict that it will no longer be a spring/ summer trend… It will cover your Autumn and Winter wardrobe essentials too.. 


Lastly for makeup I went with a classic retro wink liner which isn’t perfect (just saying) and again my favorite and go-to Red lipstick.. 


So this was my story of Red Riding Hood rocking FLORAL’S.. 


Dress :- Sarojni Nagar ( it was a steal for Rs. 300 ) (you can also get this similar dress on Myntra too) 

Heels :-  Shuz Touch (Jabong Online)

Photo Credit :- Swagat Sharma Photography

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The Story Of Bell Sleeves..!!

Hey Folks..!

My hope you all are well and rocking your statement pieces as I did on this post. Do I let my dress do the talking?  Absolutely yes. Bell-sleeve tops,dresses,blouses etc are trending right now as opposed to being reserved to bohemian styles. They can be termed as sleeves with a lot of flair that guarantee to take your outfit up a notch and not to mention serving as a statement focal point for any outfit.


Apart from fun and the dramatic effect of the bell-sleeves, it is also interesting to note that bell-sleeves have a slimming effect too. What makes bell-sleeve tops or dresses so slimming is the voluminous fabric at the wrists, which balances out the arms and makes them look slimmer in comparison. Not only that, they instantly make any outfit that they’re a part of feel fresh and interesting.

I am back with another blog and this time I will cover three of my favorite trends currently..


Lace + Bell Sleeves + Olive colour

Basics are not so basic anymore. Now jeans have frayed hems, the classic stripes shirt has embroidered details, and everything else has bell sleeves, ruffles or laces. I’m totally loving the trend! This dress I’m wearing today is from Miss Chase. I paired it with lace up sandals and this bold lip shade.. What do you think about this look?


So Lace has been in trend from 2015 end and will not take a back seat any-day soon.. And Olive is one of the trendy colours of 2017 as when you surf net or stores inside malls you will see huge collection of pastels and olive ..



This dress has a beautiful lace detailing at the neck and at the back adding classy elements to it and to catch up with fun they have bell sleeves.. This dress has its own elegance and style.. and the colour brings a special element of differentiation from all the dresses I own..


I didn’t wanted to accessories this time as the dress is enough to bring the whole glam to the outfit.. Just adding my current favorite Intoto lace up heels.. That goes so well with the whole outfit and gives the vibe of classy chic..


Lastly to add some drama I chose this purple lip shade.. Which matches the whole look with two poniees.. My classic wink liner and purple lips completed the look without any accessories needed..


I am so glad to have such a statement dress with me which has every possible current trend with the most beautiful colour..

And I want to end this blog by again Thanking you all for being so supportive as I recently stepped another stone of success.. Your girl got featured in Cosmopolitan India..  Its  huge and it wont have been possible without you all ..

Lots and Lots of Love Guys..!!!

Outfit Details :-

Dress :- Miss Chase (

Heels :- Intoto

Lip Shade :- Lakme Enrich Satin Lip Color (Shade W267)

Picture Credit :- Anubhav Singh 

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Coordinating Comfort..!

Hey Guys..!! I am sure everyone from Delhi is getting roasted by the weather just as I am.. But then if you are reading this I have the best and most comfortable outfit for you..


Moreover you can wear it to events,college,meeting,office or just a normal day out.. Today I have this Co-ordinate set which consist of an off-the-shoulder printed top and printed Goan Pants..

Who can wear Jeans in such a humid and hot weather ? and as we know how trendy are pants these days so this will be one of those piece in your wardrobe that isn’t very common ( like I never heard of such pants before Gulaal Creations introduced them to me) and are super comfortable and best for summers..


Gulaal Creations has been one of my favorite websites when it comes to picking outfit which is Indo-Western.. As you can observe the print detailing is Indian inspired but the over all look gives western chic vibes.. Talking about the material, they have one of the best materials I have ever own for summers as even while shooting I was extremely comfortable..

The colour White is best to pick for summers as the lighter colour you pick the lesser it will absorb heat and you cannot have a colour as light as White.. The brand therefore has taken care of everything practical and fashionable..


I didn’t wanted to over board my self with accessories as I can totally relate to this outfit combination and imagine myself stepping down the streets either for college or random lunch or movie plans..

So keeping it all simple I picked these beautiful giant earings which made my look bohemian and which added few colours to this look and matched my footwear too(viz, always a bonus) ..


And yes, for Footwear I choose these basic simple gold flats to add some contrast to the outfit.. Gold make this outfit more chic and put together..



The outfit had so many details that accessorizing it with it didn’t made sense to me.. The top had this beautiful bell sleeves (another trend that I am huge fan off) that ended with a little lace detail.. And then these tie up tassels,Off shoulder and the prints of course.. The top itself is a package and can be worn with 10 different things creating 10 different looks..


Coming to the Goan Pants, they are basically tie up pants.. The knot in the front is the best part, apart from the slit details at the sides.. Trust me, you cannot ever slide into anything more comfortable than these in summers…


The full set coordinated so well and the prints on prints have always been a fashion trend and will stay in for long too.. I love the white,the details and the prints.. But no matter how beautiful the outfit is if the material is not comfortable you think alot before wearing it the next time.. Which is 100% not the case here.. I am pretty sure beyond how stylish it looks, the material will win your heart and this will be your go to outfit for sure..

Lastly I want to mention that I will be posting a blog styling the top and goan pants separately, so stay tuned for that and if you get you hands on any of the two things or both the things and style it.. I would love to see you guys as you all genuinely  inspire me too.. So don’t forget to tag me @cultfashionme whenever and were ever you post a picture..


Top :- Gulaal Creations 

Goan Pants :- Gulaal Creations 

Earings :- Street Shop

Flats :- Street Shop

Picture Credit:- Swagat Sharma Photography

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