Pampering Yourself..!!

Everyone need to have that one day for them selves.. So today my blog is a review on a service that I tried..

It’s a Home Salon Service by Vanity Cube.. They have a huge list of services and packages on there app..


So to the girls out there, we work a lot at home, at office, at school etc etc.. And one day we need to feel loved and pampered and sometimes its not by hugs and kisses but by a hair spa or a pedicure.. So all the guys reading it and all the girls who want to spend a special day pampering yourself.. Download the Vanity Cube app and after selecting to whatever service you want, I have a coupon code for you all “NUPUR20” which will avail a 20% off to your total bill.. (Valid till 30th June,2017)

You all can thank me after taking the services in the comment section below.. but for now read my experience and try it yourself.. Its always worth and important to give time to yourself or shower some special attention to you body..


So I opted for a pedicure , manicure and a fruit facial service.. And before telling you about the services I want to mention that the lady was on time (EXACT 1:30 p.m) which was indeed very impressive..  She had everything in handy by that I mean all the products, towel and stool for herself too.. The services were that convenient that all I did was sit and relax myself..


So before starting a pedicure and manicure secession she gave a relaxing foot and hand massage and used good branded products .. Everything was well organised and she worked very professionally.. My hands and feet were super smooth after pedicure and manicure.. She way very systematic and was very polite and friendly , so I enjoyed the manicure and pedicure secession gossiping with her..

Vanity Cube has trained all the beauticians extremely well.. and the app is very easy to use for all the first timers out there..  So briefing you about the app a little..

 It is a mobile spa and salon company which help time-constrained Indians look good and feel good whenever & wherever they need it by providing beauty salon and spa services at their doorstep within 90 Min using a mobile platform and making getting ready much easier without having to spend a fortune. They have 150+ mobile beautician and makeup on ground serving in Delhi NCR & Mumbai. 

Our Services include

  • Facial

  • Manicure

  • Pedicure

  • Waxing

  • Hair Spa

  • Body Spa

  • Makeup

  • Hair styling

Next was my fruit facial secession which again started with a relaxing face and neck massage .. Before starting the facial she showed me all the products to be used… The vanity cube service took care of the hygiene so only one time use sachets were used , which I highly appreciate.. 


So the above pictures are placed in the order to what my fruit facial steps were..  She then cleansed my face and used a scrub.. Then she gave me a steam spray of 2 minutes followed by fruit face pack.. I felt so rejuvenating and with this my self pampering day with vanity cube ended.. Its very difficult to explain in words but trust me guys everyone of us need this one day for our-self…

And now I have given you the coupon code , so book your appointment ASAP…LRM_EXPORT_20170423_144402

I want to end this blog thanking Vanity Cube and Miss Joyti my beautician for that day…


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Indian Runway Week:- Season 8 (Pree Release)

Hey guys..!! Get excited because with me I will take you to IRW -Indian Runway Week 2017 (season-8) tomorrow..

India describe fashion through its weavers.. And so the purpose of this show is to raise the current conditions of the weavers and to propose the importance of such organisations and social security to the custodians of this ageless art..

So let me just give you a little brief about the show this year…

IFFD’s India Runway Week Summer 2017, which is scheduled to kick off from 28th April at New Delhi. Young Established Designer from Mumbai Ken Ferns will open the India Runway Week Season 8.

Speaking about opening the India Runway Week, Ken Ferns said in a statement, “I mightily excited about showcasing at India Runway Week and opening the week. It’s a big responsibility and I am nervous at the same time. I would be representing a brigade of ‘Newgen’ designers. Young designers of India are impressive and fashion is all about expression so I am all set to express and impress” 

Kiran Kheva, Fashion Director, India Runway Week said “Indian Fashion industry knows about our love towards young talented designers so our this love made us decide to give the opening show to one of the most talented young designer ‘Kern Ferns’ and I am really excited about his current season collection, it’s very refreshing”.

The collection is inspired by paper craft and its geometric forms in the real world – Kern Ferns call it ‘Soda’, as it’s a perfect blend of real to diagrams. Soda interprets energy, fizz and an outburst of zest and that is exactly what Kern Ferns portraying through his latest collection which is India’s all season fashion, light but yet impact.

New designers will be introduced giving them huge opportunity and the Old-Gold designers are already there on the board..

Stay Tuned and follow me on Instagram to get live updates about the insight of the Indian Runway Week and my OOTDs …

Pree Release Media Credits :- MideaLabs 


Banjaran Girl..!

Every girl has her own story.. And this story is of that girl who loved Indian Weave and Indian accessories.. This story is of a Banjaran Girl..

Indian Outfit embrace your beauty in an undefined way but if you are like me who don’t own a-lot of Indian wear or feel best in dresses or western wear.. Then this look will help you a-lot…



I choose this beautiful Indian Weave Dress which is best for summers.. Indian prints or Indian weaves gives you an element of Indian in your casual dresses , tops or pants..

This can easily work for all those girls out there who don’t want to go extreme Indian… The material and weave over this beautiful maroon dress is super-ably flattering ..This is basically a simple button down dress which is in cotton material (again best for Delhi summers, where temperature today is 40 degree).. A button down dress with pockets is the best summer outfit.. The fit of the dress is comfortable and the best part is its very breezy.. 

And yes the most elegant part is the neck line.. A sweetheart neckline not only elongates your neck but shapes your body in the best way.. So shout out to Gulaal Creations for making this beautiful dress considering all the comforts of wearing it in summers..




You can open the buttons till your upper waist,grab a belt across your waist and wear a ripped denim or a palazoo underneath to make it an extra look but I wanted to keep everything simple and the dress itself fitted me so well around the waist that I loved it just the way it is…  

Now a Banjaran girl as much as she likes the Indian weave ,she loves the Indian accessories so working my way out with these beautiful neck piece and these earings was the only option left.. The accessories bring the right amount of glam to this look.. 



You can always wear less or more depending upon your style.. But I personally feel that this works the best for me and I can even wear this outfit with adding a duptta to a wedding or any Indian functions…  

I just can’t stop myself from telling you about how good quality the material is.. This dress has won my heart and I am 100% sure that you gonna see more outfits from Gulaal Creations.. (will link the website down below if you guys love what you see you can buy it yourself..)


Wearing Anklets and Juttis adds more feel and drama to this look…. This is the perfect combination of wearing a western wear but completely owning it as an Indian look…

This traditionally printed Juttis and these elegant delegate anklets are giving such branjaran vibes.. This looks perfect to me and every element saying its own story just the way I like it.. 

P.S :- This dress has the perfect length to be worn out in Indian functions.. So without worries you all can carry this one dress from a casual day out with friends to some functions to attend..



A bindi and these beach waves contributes towards the whole look.. For an Indian women wearing Bindi brings more elegance and grace..  The only reason everything as complemented each other so well is because every element brings different factors about a woman..  


This look basically combines the strength and struggles of rural woman and the confidence of an Urban woman.. The right to wear anything in anyway is what we should never forget.. And today this post is all about sending this message to all my girls out there.. No matter what people comment or say if you like it, wear it..! Never give your powers and rights on hands of specially those people who judge you on the basis of what you wear.. They are not simply worth your time.. 

So that’s it for today.. Make sure you comment below if you love it and if you buy this dress or create a similar look, just don’t forget to tag me with @cultfashionme anywhere in your social media.. Would love to see you.. 


Dress :- Gulaal Creations (

Jutti :- Lajpat Nagar

Accessories :- Mom’s 

Picture Credit:- Anubhav Singh

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Story from The Woods…

Mother nature plays a huge role every day in each one of our life.. When we step out of our home a fresh blossomed weather can make a huge difference in our mood games.. Today is the time to admire the woods and nature, to thank them and save them for the next generation..

I just wanted to be that fairy from the woods (without wearing a white gown).. This look just made me admire the beauty of nature and how simplicity can make you look so elegant…



I don’t have alot of elements to describe in this look.. but I have this main element that made this whole look – The Dress.. When team of  Wooplr came up with a collaboration for this brand called Adamo & Evah  .. I was very excited as the dress was simple with one solid colour, so the chances of playing around it had huge options but when i first tried the dress this look just stuck into my mind… Bringing all the focus to this simple dress can make you look beautiful and elegant..

The brand has made this dress best for summers as the material is very light but of very good quality and have even considered my obsession of Off-the-shoulder.. It has this perfect pastel blue colour .. And guys I usually like body fitted dress and prefer that but this dress made me feel so elegant that I was bound to change my choice..  I loved the fit.. I loved the style..I loved the whole look..


So I am very thankful to Adamo & Evah and team of Wooplr for this collaboration.. Because this is one type of dress that I wont have tried on my own.. And guys I want to clear one thing here.. I really connect with you people and have sacrificed alot to get into blogging so just trust me on the part that whatever review I am giving over here is 100% true and fair.. Because we are not liable or pushed by anyone.. I loved this dress and you can see in these pictures.. I can imagine all of you reading this blog wearing it and killing it.. Its very easy to style and will look good on every skin tone and every body shape..


I just wanted to give my own touch as the location was very pretty and giving me perfect vibes of spring.. This tiara and this braided band hairdo.. This was my first time trying something like this and I am so glad that it complemented this dress and look so well..



This metal clutch with blue beads is adding an element of accessories and detailing to the look.. And these white sneakers have are going perfect with the dress by changing  the laces with a blue ribbon..

Every person has a creative corner somewhere inside them.. All you need to do is wake that little side and work on the right direction..



I cant stop admiring this look.. and this is just one dress from there website.. Beautiful,elegant dress await your search.. And don’t forget to download the Wooplr app as its one best place to have a great shopping and styling experience..


Dress :- Adamo & Evah 

Clutch :-

Shoes :- Street Shop

Picture Credit:- Anubhav Singh

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Hoodie Game Strong..!

Girls who doesn’t love shopping? And when its sale time – Oh God!!

Let me share my best trick while shopping with an example.. As we all need an A.C in summers but buying it during winters will give us the best possible price ,so its kinda same when it comes to clothing..  Buying winter clothes like hoodies,jackets etc. is always a treat when you buy it during summers…

Today what I am wearing is extremely unique and if you are a person who loves attention then its just the perfect hoodie you could ever find.. It has the right amount of quirky-ness and is completely street-style inspired…


I just wanted to post this blog to let you know about the crazy website Kollab Lifestyle .. As I am a believer of quality over quantity so is this website .. They have 4 products with best quality.. And whats crazy about this website is, they refresh the products and replace them with new products every now and then..  So if you like something on there website go ahead and buy it NOW because they work with trend + quirky-ness so there might be a possibility that next time the products are not available…


In this extreme hot weather I wore this hoodie just to show you how cool it looks.. I personally have never seen this type of design except in runways.. It might be extreme for some but definitely super stylish and super innovative..  Well, as I said the best time is to buy winter stuff is summer time so if you will be hitting this link (Unisex Hoodie) , you will see reduced price just for this time.. Grab it , style it and rock the street style like a pro..




I wore this hoodie at 39 degree Celsius just to give you the best reviews .. I previously did a shoot in this hoodie during winters but due to technical reasons couldn’t upload that but I was so mad about showing you guys this crazy and unique hoodie that I had to style it and post it no matter how hot or cold the weather turns in.. Starting from the quality- this hoodie is of jersey material which is best and most comfortable during both winters and summers and to give you the right amount of warmth it has flex lining from inside.. Usually with new website we have a question of sizing, so putting that clearly it gives you the most appropriate size..  (eg:-Like if you want the hoodie to be loose I suggest buying 2 sizes larger.. )


So when the quality is ace , fitting is 100% and the design is super unique all you have to do is go minimal and let the focus be your sassy Kollab Hoodie.. I choose to wear this with a black A-line mini skirt so that it shows the right curves and blends with the hoodie.. Small detailing like the slit brings a huge difference to make the look more fashionable..

Wearing red sneakers with red socks gave sporty vibes and complimented the colour pattern because apparently red,white and black are soul sisters.. They made this fierce look more playful and vibrant vibes..


Lastly summing everything up with accessories like this scarf of the same pattern .. No matter how you style this hoodie it is one of its own kind and will be the center of your look that day.. And who doesn’t loves attention or being asked where did you got this hoodie from..?


I love this hoodie and my insane love made me shoot for this in an extreme hot weather and nothing can beat a good price,good quality and unique design and you are getting everything in this.. I know you too are super excited to get one for your self.. So I am putting down the link below..


Hoodie :- Kollab Lifestyle 

Skirt :- Myntra 

Shoes :- Street Style Store 

Picture Credit:- Nivideta Joshi

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