Story with Satin

Alot has happened and alot is happening.. Life has its own ups and downs.. But the only thing I follow is love and care for people who are your support and just ignore the people who spread negativity.. Life is actually too short to entertain that section of people who don’t even deserve your attention.. Anyways philosophy aside, lets get back to business and styling..



Today my outfit speaks louder and above words.. When I wore it , at the time of shooting I felt so powerful and fierce that I can even jump off a mountain and stand still… I am playing with the most lux cloth this season- Satin.. And the trend for today is bringing your Satin Slip dresses or tops or just one that you used to wear during your bed time and wear it out over anything or just alone.. This look as a perfect combination of sexy and sassy.. The material Satin has this quality of making the look more towards sexy side but if you are not a person who can wear a slip dress alone so you have this option of wearing it over a plain or embellished top.. 



I chose to pair it with a basic white top because I had a dramatic bottom and neck-piece..but you can always bring a pop of colour or glitter or studs.. So as you may have noticed in the above picture or if not, I am wearing this T-shirt with the back on front.. because my slip dress was deep from the back so I thought its perfect to wear it like that..


So unfortunately I forgot my accessories bag, so all I had was my photographers tie lying around and then my creative head started to process and the outcome was this bow which for me brought this extra factor.. And apparently now online sites are selling chokers like this.. So yes I totally agree that you can’t wear it everyday.. So you can pick dainty neckpieces and layer them or you can do multiple chokers.. That just brings more uniform to the look and looks more put together..


As I already warned you that my  life is a DIY so these denims are self ripped.. Yes it took me hours to pull the black threads off but when I look at this outcome every minute I spend on making it is paid..  If  you want a video on how to make DIY ripped denims please comment below and will definitely do it for you… So yes with a simple and sassy top you need to have a extra bottom and ripped denims have there own bold,chic,comfortable and stylish aura.. They have the power to convert any look from north to south..


Lastly these shine- polished semi formal black shoes… I couldn’t pick anything but these to complete my look with a perfect balance.. They define the look and neutralizes all the drama and sassy-ness… These are one of that kind of shoes that can always make you look super chic and different because of the cross band detailing which you may not see otherwise on such kind of shoes..


So play with Satin Slips as they are not going anywhere this season too… Its bold, fierce and stylish…

Ok. Bye..


Slip Dress :- Myntra

White T-Shirt :- Lifestyle Store

Denims :- Thrift Shop

Shoes:- FleaShoppers- Instagram

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Picture Credit:- Swagat Sharma Photography

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Jewels Jazz..!!



When you have that obsession of Indian Jewelry then you tend to wear them with anything and everything possible.. Fashion is something that talks about you and even if you read my blog and want to dress like me there has to be that one thing which is done the way you want ,in your style.. Fashion you see on runway, a lot of you must have thought that we can’t wear them on streets but honestly you can wear anything, all you have to do is be confident and comfortable and don’t ever thing what people will think or say.. Till the time you are loving what you are wearing It Doesn’t Matter What Others Think..

We WOMEN face alot of Do’s and Dont’s  specially when it comes to what to wear.. But are you answerable to the so called society who will judge or rather decide what is the right length of a dress or what is a good cleavage to be visible or how much ripped is acceptable?? NO, there is no one in this whole world to tell what you can wear, when.. Its you who will decide and it will be always your opinion which will be above all.. Never ever care what “People” will think because those people are judging you in terms of what you are wearing which is sick and narrow minded indeed..

So Stay Strong, Stay Independent and never underestimate that power inside you because we women can achieve what we dream.. So Happy Women’s Day ! and a huge shout out to women power!!


As I said I love Indian accessories more than Indian outfits.. And so today I wanted to mix the pole apart.. This is a T-shirt dress with the shade of pastel pinks in it.. Wearing it off shoulder is no boner.. Because there are very few trends that I am absolutely mad about and this is one of them.. T-shirt dresses are the best pick for any body types and playing with the fast variety or colours and patterns will give crazy boost to any look..


As the weather is being very unpredictable in Delhi.. Sometimes its Sun over your head and sometime its a windy day so you need to make sure that this weather change dont put you in bed.. I picked this jacket  for all types of weather that may attack..  You can just wear the T-shirt dress all by itself or cover yourself or just carry a jacket ,cardigan, shrug etc whatever you like…



These booties are the love of my life guys..!! I recently purchased them from koovs and they are just one of my favorites in my collection.. They have these golden detail that makes it more chic than those simple black booties.. I paired them with this look because the look was all about bold,sassy and chic so these statements had to come in..


Lastly this beautiful studded set.. From these embellished earing to mang tikka to this beautiful neck piece and the delicate bracelet.. Everything makes this T-shirt dress from a a change from simple to glamours.. Honestly you can wear any Indian accessories from the blingiest ones to the colourful ones with any outfit.. Its you who need to love it and thats actually the only thing important..

I putted this look together because I like western clothing and I love Indian Accessories and that’s how I will walk down the streets…I love this look .. It makes me feel fierce and confident.. That want I want ever women should feel.. And to all the Men out there – Remember, when you judge a woman by her appearance it doesn’t define her, it defines you..It’s her body , her choice.. Respect every woman, there choices and there decisions..

Ok. Bye…


T-shirt  :-  Aeropostale

Boots :- Koovs

Jewelry :- Mom’s

Jacket :- GAP

Picture Credit :-  Aditya Bansal  (adyvisuals)

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