Black Out..!

Hello People..!!


We all have that one colour that dominates your wardrobe.. For me its Black.. I know some people will say its basic and we like colours and all that stuff but lets just face the reality , its that one colour which has never gone out of trend, which has always been with you from the time you want to look the best to the time when you are too lazy to get dressed..

For me whenever I buy something in different style I pick Black… It has always been my colour and yes I am a very colourfull person inside but when it comes to wardrobe black and dark shades dominates…



Giving a bohemian touch to my outfit, I wanted it to look more playful than looking basic black.. Winters are about to end in Delhi and now is the right time to wear those dresses which you missed because of the chills outside..

Today was this long sweater day which I picked from the men’s section to give loose,baggy and comfortable vibes.. I just wanted to pick a simple black sweater nothing to fancy or blingy.. Its easy to play with a simple base and you can turn this to any form of style very easily.. I wanted to turn my look bohemian but keeping the “All Black”in mind…


Usually Bohemian represents colours and patterns but today I am wearing this shrug which is black, of-course .. The best part about this shrug is its bohemian print .. This is just the right amount of detail that an outfit requires, Specially when you are going all black… I am not a person who is into bohemian clothing but patterns like this with minimal detailing are always appreciated by me..


This choker has its own story.. My current obsession over chokers is insane.. Even if I see a funky hair elastic I try to put is across my head, its that insane.. So I finally ended up making this choker which needs just four things..

DIY Alert..!! 1. A star- easily avaliable at craft stores .. 2. A black ribbon .. 3. Two elastics..  4. Hot glue or a very good sticking glue …Now all you have to do is first wrap the ribbon around your neck for measurement then cut it .. Stick the star in the center and make two holes at the two ends of the ribbon and Wola!! you are done.. You can make your own and unique chokers in few miniutes..


Next comes these bootiees.. The shine of these are to die for.. They are extremely comfortable and will make you look very classy.. It looks like those expensive pair but in the outfit details you will know that it is from my favorite site currently..  And these below knee socks work just right as per the weather and helps us to cover just the right amount of your legs..


Suming this outfit with a low messy bun making it look more effortless yet put together.. I love how everything is so sinking and streetsyle.. You can even add these glasses as  to frame your face and put more elements..

Lastly just a quick celebration that this is my 20th post plus we are very near to 10k followers and it means alot.. It takes alot of efforts to put all this together and in the end what matters is you love it and you get inspired in some way… Your love has being humongous on instagram and facebook and keep it coming and would love if you share and help other girliees out there to join this fashion club..

Love you all beyond anything…


Black Sweater :- Levis (men’s section)

Kimono :- Sarojni Nagar

Boots :- Koovs

Belt :- Very Old

Socks:- Street Shop

Chocker:- DIY

Picture Credit :- Shrey Saxena

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Valentine’s Day Special..!

Hello Loves.!!


As you all might have guessed that this post will be all about spreading love and wearing the best for valentine’s day.. But before I jump into describing my outfit just wanted to have a few words with you all..

Recently scrolling down my Facebook Feed , I noticed that a lot of you guys are updating status about being single and anybody up for V-Day and things and so.. I personally feel that there should not be a single day to express love and I am pretty sure a lot of you have similar thoughts as mine but then contradicting my own thoughts I even feel like we celebrate Holi- The festival of colours , Diwali- The festival of lights etc. etc. and so we have Valentine’s Day- The festival of love..

We just have to celebrate each day of the week with love and happiness.. And now where its written that V-Day is just for “Couples”.. NO, guys it’s for every possible kind of relationship where there is love.. May it be father-son/daughter, mother-son/daughter, teacher-student , friends and of course the most hyped Couples.. Just celebrate this festival , spread love and bring plus maintain that smile on your loved one or ones faces all throughout their life…


And so for me my Valentine will be my Dad forever.. Because of the role he plays in my life and because whatever bad I do, one man whose there no matter what is HE.. And so I start this post here by featuring “Dads Black Shirt”..


Yes, if I will be going out with him then what could be more special pick then his own favorite black shirt.. Black is not only mine but his favorite colour too and we both can never have less of black.. He and my Grandfather are the only two man who will never step back no matter what situation or circumstances comeup and celebrating this festival of love with Dad in his favorites and most worn-out piece of clothing, Agh! Can’t ever ask for more….

So as we know that Red is the colour of love and Black is the common colour that we both love so the outfit has to be a black-red combo. Yes you could go extremes.. Yes you can pick any colour , pattern or style. That’s just my take with few logic’s and thoughts behind this whole look..


So off shoulder has been my game lately and I just don’t want this trend to go anywhere at least in the near future.. and wearing a shirt which is baggy and loose and maybe 3 sizes bigger on you in the most flattering trend of the year :- off-the-shoulder.. Best Idea Ever!! This has not just made my outfit look super sexy but it takes no efforts and fuzziness.. Rolled up sleeves and half tucked, carefree, blowie details made it look more effortless…

Red is the colour you guys.. No one in this planate can deny this fact.. Love=Red!! And      V-Day without red , NO WAY!! Kidding…. Actually I feel red is sexy and dad feels red suits me the most.. So had to team it with red..


Wearing this beautiful, cheap and DIYed slit skirt.. I had to prep myself and look super-hot because My Dad be the hottest you know..!! So I have converted this skirt and created this slit which has definitely given an Uff factor to my whole look.. Its just all about working different and giving them your own touch.. So what do you think.. Don’t my look complement each other in the best possible way..???


Wearing these tie up heels with tassels in the end give these heels a bohemian touch.. These tie up detailing goes best when you want to flaunt your legs and make them look super toned..  Contrasting the colour in an alternate way is another trick.. Here, my shirt and these heels are the best match made in heaven..


Add-ons with my flattering shoulder would be a choker.. I didn’t had a red choker apparently but then your girl live by the DIYs .. So just cut a rectangular section 25 cm larger on both ends in measurement around your neck.. Punched holes on both the ends and used elastics to tie them at the back.. And Wola!! This beautiful glitter red choker is ready to rock your outfit and your day..

Lastly suggested by one of you love to go different with the makeup.. My dad loves minimal so sacrificing my wink liner.. I went ahead with this rust shimmer eye makeup with just a stroke of liner…


And yes to cover my self up if it had to be an evening date is this jacket with fur details in the collar.. Perfectly complementing and looking super fashionable…

So ending here, just wanted to say spread love and be positive.. No one here particualarly needs a boyfriend or a girlfriend to celebrate this festival of love.. You can express it to anyone from pets to friends, family, society or our country.. So

Happy Valentine’s Day ..!!


Shirt :- Dad’s Wardrobe 

Skirt :- Sarojni Nagar

Jacket :- H&M

Heels:- Intoto Heels (KOOVS)

Chocker:- DIY

Picture Credit :- Shrey Saxena

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Trend Talk..!


Hello Loves!

Well, Green is called The Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2017.. And has been apparently spotted in recent collections of Kenzo, Michael Kors, Zac Posen and Cynthia Rowley.. Therefore, today’s post will circulate around the colour – GREEN…

It won’t be wrong to mention that I will be covering another trend that has been carried on this year too – STRIPES.. Lately stripes have been again listed as trends of 2017 with changes like bold-asymmetric-and colour blocked patterns of stripes..


Now let’s move towards the outfit details.. Wearing a baggy long sweater in 2 different shades of green and stripes is a steal of this look.. Playing with trends that are achievable and are budget friendly is all what I think off while planning my look.. Your brother or father must be having such pieces in his wardrobe because I got mine from there..

And yes, just remember that wearing comfy clothing is another trend that has being carried forward to 2017.. So wearing fitted clothes has always being my choice but lets be honest loose and baggy outfits are the most comfortable.. And today my look is all about comfort and baggy clothing Head-to-Toe…


Moving forward are these overalls.. Agreeing to the fact the overalls are not everyone’s cup of tea nor it has been mine but having this overall lied inside my wardrobe from 2 years got me an alarm of styling it up.. And what better than this weather of winter.. Where you can team it up with anything and everything to stay warm, comfortable yet stylish..

These are washed blue denim overall which are baggy giving it a look of boyfriend denims.. Which is apparently the best part as I can stuff myself from inside in this chilled weather…So tucking the sweater in and wearing the overall half done in a rough manner made it look super quirky and effortless..


Wearing boots in winters is a no brainier.. Wearing these brown boots to give it a jazzy and colour breaking look.. Basically this look as no black (which is very strange for me, to not do) , is super comfortable , has colour blocking and will 100% keep you warm and will make you look fiercely fashionable …


Not being an accessories gamer but then being the queen of earings and shades is yet again my way of styling any outfit in that matter.. This time as the look as a lot going on, wearing these simple delicate gold dangles with minimal design was the best option.. Outfit is the key for this look and the accessories today are those players that are in the team to keep the team going.. Got it Ahan !!



And then these glasses giving me the feel of Salman Khan in Dabang.. Honestly I loved the quirkiness of these shades and they just make the look more playful yet fierce.. I wasn’t initially confident to team these with this look but I am loving the look specially with these on.. What do you guys think??


Lastly talking about the mini detailing on my hair elastics.. isn’t this super cute ?? A high pony is just the right option for bad hair day or a fierce and quirky outfit day.. Well I had both..!! So teaming it up with patched hair elastics forces me to mention another trend of Patch Works.. Its super trending and can never bore you.. Its different and funky..

So covering few of the trends of 2017 I would be ending this blog here.. Do comment if you liked this post and yes as I always say make your own trends and follow the ones you think can suit you.. Don’t be in the fuss of wearing anything which is trending.. You know what suits you the best.. So think before wearing and buying..

Ok. BYE.


Sweater:- Brother’s Wardrobe

Dungaree :- Sarojni Nagar

Boots:- Metro

Earings:- Lifestyle

Shades:- Koovs

Hair Elastic:- Gifted

Picture Credit:- Swagat Sharma Photography

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