Faux Fur It Is!!

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Not everyone loves dressing up but everyone wants to look good.. Not everyone has the same style pattern but you can take portions of it and style things in your own way..

I read this quote saying “Life is too short to dress boring”..!! And I 100% believe and follow this..



So this time the blog is all about the classy trend of FAUX FUR.. The trend of Faux Fur is now everywhere from jackets to tops to bags to shoes.. And it looks super chic in every possible way.. I decided to give my look a super classy and fierce side this time..


So starting with this crazy looking fur coat.. There are 2 different elements to this coat – 1. The colour of this coat is a nude shade of pink… and that’s what makes it different.. Colours like black, blue or white are very common when we quote a classy piece but nude have been in trend from 2016 and now they are considered as the shades that are super elegant, yet must haves.. 2. The look of this coat… It has this steps form details of fur all over the coat elevating the look of a simple fur coat.. I honestly think that this pick is one of those kinds that you can save up to a special party or outing…



You can wear this coat with a mix of colours or just one.. I choose one colour because I wanted the focus of my look to be this coat.. Choosing to wear a black tube top with a washed black knee ripped jeans worked best for me… A ripped jeans makes any look playful and contributes in making the look super stylish.. We have to decide what will be the key focus of our outfit and have to work around it.. and clearly as you may see here the key feature is my fur coat..


Next are these most comfortable nude heels.. Yes, I could have gone all black and worn this coat but I wanted to match it a little with these heels. They match just the right shade and heels definitely elevates and give a bossier look to any outfit… It does bring out the confidence inside you ..


And this plain band choker is an add on accessory… One can do all blinky or plain.. The call is yours as per your choices and taste.. I just want to go all minimal as my coat wants all the attention.. I personally feel that chokers make any look fierce and bold, specially these broad band like chokers…lrm_export_20170126_143336lrm_export_20170127_154900

Lastly, makeup did everything to keep this look going.. Putting dark shade lipstick was just the best idea.. You just have to remember that makeup does contribute towards your look.. Even a no makeup face can work with a lot of outfits , so basically it’s a matter of making choices… This outfit was super simple to put in all together but when you have a up view it looks as if you are walking the streets of Paris..


Oh Yes..!! When the shoot almost ended I wore my favorite frame.. And my photographer said that it just gets along so well with the outfit.. So I just wanted to know does it? Because I actually like this picture.. So comment below and let me know if it does look good?

And yes lastly don’t ever forget the quote that I quoted above Stay Fashionable and Dress Well because it talks a lot about you as a person…


Fur Coat :- SheIn

Tube Top :- Thrift Store

Heels :- Forever 21

Jeans:- Koovs

Choker :- DIY

Picture Credit:- Bleedx_Photography (Pratyush Agrawal)

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Yellow This Winters.!!


I am back, with another unusual casual outfit idea for winters..

Its very cold in Delhi and mostly in all parts of India.. So yes I suppose we all are having a proper taste of winters nower days.. Apparently, we have dark shades or grey colour pattern in our wardrobe when it comes to winters specially.. But this time things will turn.. 2017 is all about pastels again but there is this new colour which will be in demand this year.. No extra points for guessing!! – its “YELLOW” or Shades of Yellow..

So let’s just keep our blacks, greys and whites aside and focus on yellow.. Today’s outfit is warm as hell and very chic at the same time.. Its very casual with pop of colours but this look can be worn to any place at any time from lunch date to college, from a moive day to parties or even a dinner outing in that case… It’s because of two reason why this look came out to be so versatile .. 1. Colour , 2. High neck..




High neck makes the look very sleek and classy.. It automatically gives an edgy and dressy look to any outfit.. High necks are warm and compy and can be worn at any time of the day.. Choosing this colour of high neck makes it different, trendy and vibrant.. You can make your whole look bold by pairing it with different colour pattern, as I did or make it classy and simple by just pairing it up with one common colour..



Layering is another key for winters.. See guys high neck works best for me because I can wear ‘n’ number of tops underneath it without having the fear of showing up.. and then if you want to layer with something above your high neck, you really don’t have to carry a heavy coat.. A simple denim shirt or light flex jacket will do the best for you..



I preferred to pair mine with a denim shirt to give it a subtle colour variance.. I feel this washed denim shirt worked wonders with this yellow high neck.. So as I always say , remember to choose different clothing piece as to complementing the whole look… You shouldn’t look like a clown putting every colour possible into one look.. One needs to think about the contrast palate specially at the time of layering…


Now choosing a high waisted black trouser pants was no gamer.. Just because my shoes had this pop of red.. I didn’t wanted things to be all dramatic, so to calm the whole look putting anything with the colour black works for me.. These trousers makes the look so wearable on streets ,giving a subtle vibe with hints of colours here and there that will apparently make your outfit more eye captivating…


Red sneakers having these fringe details is another element on its on.. The two attractive element of my outfit are very well coordinated..They may not have the same colour and are actually pole apart as per the colour palate but when you watch the whole look together they complement each other in the best possible way.. Choosing such statements with basic elegant detailing is all about styling.. 


Lastly comes my beautiful oxide earings.. These are such a statement piece again..I don’t think I will ever give up on earings.. I just can express my love for 3 things- 1. Footwear, 2. Clutches , 3. Statement earings (p.s Birthday gift ideas.. Hurry!!).. Yes they have ethnic look but who cares if, just by putting these pair my whole look gets jazzed up …


Guys you really can make this look wearable at any place and at any time by removing or adding elements as per your taste but definitely winters are incomplete without high necks.. Make sure you buy one now..! And if you want to stick to trends then pastels or yellow or gold will make you rock this season…


High Neck- Myntra

Denim Shirt – Sarojni Nagar

Earings – Janpath

Shoes – Metro

High Waisted Pants – Faballey

Picture Credit:- Bleedx_Photography (Pratyush Agrawal)

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Party Outfit Idea..!! Part-2


Hello Guys!! As we ended the last year partying so why not start it the same way.. I love partying with family and friends like thats the best thing for me to spend my time other than shopping ,of-course…  So from part-1 with all your love and views you wanted me to wear something more comfortable and warm but super stylish for part-2 .. So I had to come-up as per you demands… Right? Here I am with super comfy and stylish yet warm party outfit..


We really do choose “a dress” when we have to go clubbing and stuff , so come-on guys lets break this monotony and wear something super comfy and soo classy.. A crop top can never fail to falter your curves, just the right way.. But this time pair it with  flared pants and a warm cardigan.. 

This look might look simple but it looks very classy and something that will make you stand out in the party… And yes with little changes this could be a transformation outfit from day to evening.. Now lets start by taking things in different sections and explaing the look all together..


You all must have a lot of questions regarding my accessorizing skills.. But let me be very honest, I just like statement earings and a clutch.. I am personally not a huge fan of neck-pieces or hand accessories or anything of that sort.. But yes I do love trying new things so if sometime later I come across something beautiful other than earings will definitely make a special blog for that..  But for now bare me and lets focus here.. 

So I choose to wear this warm crop top in maroon because redish tones suits me, aahh!! With a dark blue cardigan because as I always say colour coordinating is the key.. Well yes, you can even wear a black or white over the crop top as it might even complement the whole look but I went on with dark blue.. 


We usually pair crop tops with high waisted denims or skinny jeans.. Yes I love pairing my crops like that too.. But when you have a party to attend then lets play it a little different and choose flared pants , like they are 100 times more comfy and trending too..  And I got my self these high waisted one with this perfect fit at the waist band and pretty little embroidered print going on at the end of the pants.. It looks super chic and different..

Now coming all the way down to heels.. Nudes can never go wrong.. Will not state that they are the new black but yes they are as classy as black..  And let me also clear the fact that why I choose a nude? The only reason was to give a different pop to my whole outfit.. Yes you can go with colour coordinating and wear a pair of black,blue or red heels but if you want to wear a different colour then you can go with nudes,brown or white..


Lastly for earings I choose a junk silver statement piece to elevate my look at the same time to keep it classy and simple… And for a party makeup all you have to do is pick a beautiful shimmer eye shadow , I choose white shimmery eye shadow.. and team it with a dramatic wink liner and a beautiful shade of red lipstick.. I mean yes guys I am proudly obsessed over winked liner and red lipstick… 


Ok BYE Now..!!


Crop Top :- Too Old To Remember

Pants :- Lifestyle Store

Cardigan:- Forever21

Heels:- Forever21

Earings :- Forever21

Picture Credit:- Karan Arora Photography

Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram or Facebook page and press the follow button for always getting notified about my blog.. I love hearing from you guys!

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