Colour with Black!

We all have this monotonous thinking of pairing black with solid colours and mostly with warm shades.. but you got it right.. I am really different when it comes to colour coordinating.. This was my outfit for Asian Designers Week 2016..




This was held in New Delhi and I got this opportunity to be a part of it and see the new amazing designers.. but as I have to be very true to the people who are reading this.. I really didn’t enjoyed how they putted the show.. Show was delayed by an hour and then the whole ambiance was not at all vibrant and appealing.. 

But the if this girl is dressed you got to shoot, so from there we went to other location after show but then it was all evening so had to wrap it very quick.. All in all this blog is all about going different and start mixing solids with patterns..


Choosing my favourite colour black as my solid.. I wore this amazing crop top which is again off-the-shoulder.. Ohky guys, I am not promising but I will try not to wear off-the-shoulder atleast for next 10 posts.. but yes its my obsession so its really difficult.. Coming back to the black crop top, it has this lace detailing all over and the most amazing thing is ithe sleeves which have a baggy finish.. I am really loving the lace as it gives a solid black crop top that could be very simple an element of grace and elegance..



The earings are bold, heavy, Indian and amazing.. You really don’t need alot of accessories to make your look spotting.. Just one statement piece can do wonders..


By now if you are following me and reading my blog, you must have spotted my love for clutches.. So yet again this beautiful clutch nailed it with this look.. The golden detailing makes it best for all types of look.. Matching the black heels is a great idea to bring the focus on the colourful part of your look.. I don’t know if you guys can spot but even my heels have black details of sequence..


So yes everything matches with the top but you must be thinking WHY.? So here is another tip of not going over the top crazy with mixing patterns or colours.. One really has to match and you always have to choose one thing which you want people should focus on and here my focus was the skirt..



This skirt has a balloon finish and these embroidered flower detail looks eye captivating.. I know I would be repeating this skirt once again with another twist because its soo beautiful.. but yes for now I think I have given all the focus to this skirt .. It has all this poping colours, net and embroidered details with this beautiful shade of green..

I want to mention that recently I shared a fact on facebook which said “Wearing Branded/designer kapray(clothes) is not fashion. Fashion is when you can wear a 500 ki skirt and make it look like 5000 ki skirt.” So, I want to surprise you guys by saying that this skirt was a steal from Chandni Chowk for Rs.500 and now you guys can comment below or in any of my social media handles that does it look expensive by how i have styled it.??

See basically what I wanted to say is you don’t need to buy expensive stuff to look stylish.. All you need to have is the basics of styling and teaming one thing with the other and you are actually good to go.. Affordable fashion is the key for enjoying the trends and looking super fashionable without burning your pockets..




So that was it.. That’s what I wore to Asian Designers Week and that’s how I looked.. And guys please let me know if I am doing well with the blog and if I need to change anything or you want me to style anything or copy any celeb.. I would love to do some blogs “on special demand” , what you guys suggest..



Top:- Shoppers Stop

Skirt :- Chandni Chowk

Heels:- Heels

Earings:- Bg’s

Clutch :- Globus

Picture Credit:- Swagat Sharma Photography

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Boot It Up.!!

Hello Guys.. Winters are just around the corner and before we start layering and covering this is the best time to mix and match and wear your fall dresses.. I am just not a winter person. I hate being lazy and I am not a very big fan of sweaters and jackets too.. But yes you got to wear with the season to keep the things going.. 

Today, my post is not for winter but for exactly that time of the month when the sun is over our heads in the morning and day and during the night its chilly.. So we have two things a dress and a pair of boots and all we are planning to do is to cover the gap of this day to night look… 



So yes a long shirt gives the best fall vibes and is perfect for not so cold weather and paring up with long boots to cover your self to that exact level as per the fall weather.. Its best to wear a long shirt at day time .. As the material is not that light and nor as thick as a sweater.. 



The colour of the shirt is perfect for fall and keeping it all minimal is actually best for fall.. Its all those lazy days starting when you don’t want to getup from your cozy blankets and taking a bath is another task. So, I didn’t wanted to layer things up and wanted to keep it all simple for those perfect lunch dates or day outings in the fall season.. 


Keeping the accessories game minimal, I just planned to wear these owl detailed earings and carry a black handbag to put together the whole outfit.. Check pattern , Shirt Dress and minimal accessories is the easiest and best way to summaries your fall day . Going effortless and superbly stylish is the only call for fall (p.s I am rhyming) .. 

Next is for the night time when the weather is breezy and cold .. At that time what to wear if there is a party to attend or a dinner to go for? For me, wearing a sweater dress is the most elegant and easiest pick to keep your self warm and stylish.. 


I choose to wear this white sweater dress by rolling up the sleeves and pulling down the shoulders .. So you must be knowing my obsession over off-the-shoulder trend during this summers then why not fall?

White is that colour that brings out your complexion,the background and the other colours.. And i cannot work my life without giving a pop  of colour ..So ,with the black boots and white dress the best I could do is these feather earings with the best possible bright colours.. beautyplusme_20161117122636_savebeautyplusme_20161116005302_savebeautyplusme_20161116004931_savebeautyplusme_20161115203427_save

You can always bring your own style to every outfit.. This sweater dress can be worn as a high neck and then like this.. You guys can even add on more accessorizes and do the changes as per your requirement.. 

This look is very elegant and looks soo perfect for a dinner date.. And yes just an information that wearing light colour clothes to a party where there is dark lighting like pubs or clubs etc is one of the best choices if you want to outshine and want to get noticed all across, as light colours make you visible in that dark and obviously noticeable..


Lastly, Boots have a vast variety and you can pair different kinds differently. I choose these black mid length boots to give me the right amount of cover because again stockings is not my thing.. Try your own mix and match and enjoy the fall season before you start layering for winters..


Shirt Dress:- H&M

Owl Earings:-

Sweater Dress:- Shoppers Stop

Feather Earings:- Lajpat Nagar

Boots:- Jabong Online

Bag:- Gifted

Picture Credit:- Swagat Sharma Photography

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Retro Twist..!

70s , 80s , 90s are back with a bang..! And doing this retro look was more fun.. We all are familiar with the old trends that are taking a front seat nower days with there own unusual twist.. So today  my post will cover this trend with my own style..


Taking every element and talking about it one by one is my way of making it easy for you to grab every bit of those little styling tips that you want to incorporate .. but before starting let me brief you about retro style..

Retro Style :- Retro style is a style that is consciously derivative or imitative of  fashion etc of the recent past, typically 15–20 years old..  And today what I am wearing is a modern version of caring retro look on streets..  Now starting with the accessories first..


This clutch has very strong meaning to it which made me buy it.. ” I have it all ” may symbolise different meaning to different people.. But for me it was, having all the strength, power and willingness inside me which I am equally capable of showing out.. And so this clutch basically speaks what I believe in..Coming back to fashion with this metallic print clutch I added a bright pink key chain to add a little pop of colour and “uff”element..

Then I am wearing these beautiful earings which are colour contrasting my outfit.. You know what? personally I only like wearing heavy or bold piece of accessories because I feel when you wear an accessory it should be eye captivating and even from far away a person should be able to spot your jewelry .. This is my personal choice , so you guys can also figure out your personal taste and choices in terms or bags,jewelry, shoes etc while shopping and styling..


Now coming to the Retro part.. This top is all about the theme “Retro Style”. Having those bell sleeves with a cut was a huge fashion trend in the late 90s. and then now again.. Having a pastel shade of green with forever love for patterns is the right way to match the trends today.. Wearing it out and thinking, “oh my,do I look dramatic?” or “is it right to wear a retro look ?” is all that comes to our mind when we think about wearing a retro look.. Even I would thing before wearing it to streets but this top didn’t made me feel that because it doesn’t even look retro-ish.. It has the trendiest patterns, beautiful pastel colour and then this retro style.. I so love this top, it couldn’t have been better..

So the only tip is, if you are not comfortable with pulling of retro or any new or old style head to toe in that case try to get a mixed version of that ,which means try to buy your outfit keeping the theme in mind basically what trend you wanna go for and then mixing it with your own fashion sense.. So that its in your comfort zone and Woola! you have even tried something new..


You know how much I love pom-poms..  These flats are  so colourful and playful and its not over the top traditional.. One can style it with any outfit to give it a pop of colour..

And lastly the denims.. Why to always shop from the women section girls? These Denims are from the men’s section … I love how it fits. As the waist  line was loose on me i teamed it up with these detailed belt. Baggy jeans where also a trend in late 80s and 90s so what would be better than this.. 


Its time to say Bye.. but yes,don’t stop your self from coming out of the box and picking up trends from 70s, 80s, and 90s.. Style them how you would love to wear and tag me with #cultfashionme so that I also get more inspiration ..


Top:- Thrift Store

Jeans:- Levis (Men’s Section)

Flats :- Lajpat Nagar

Earings:- Jabong India

Clutch :- Forever 21 

Picture Credit:- Aman Gupta 

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