Halloween Makeup !!

Soo I know guys in India we are not that much into celebrating  halloween but this post is specially for those who are going for some halloween party or just planning one at there home.. 

But before i start explaining my makeup steps and sharing the look with you all… I want to take a minute to talk about what basically halloween is ? 

Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. In the eighth century, Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as a time to honor all saints and martyrs; the holiday, All Saints’ Day, incorporated some of the traditions of Samhain. The evening before was known as All Hallows’ Eve and later Halloween. (P.S i googled all this)..

Now lets get into my halloween makeup tutorial..It was my first time doing a halloween look and I loved how it came out..

This was the full look but I will be taking it step wise, how I went on with it ..

First I moisturized my face and used face primer and then I went with using jumbo white pencil by NYX Cosmetics.. and then I used baby powder to give it a more natural look rather than painted one..

Now has per what I planned my face to look like I started with eyes.. Using a black liner I made the outline around the eye and then went ahead with filling my eyes and yess don’t forget to smudge the ends and corners soo that it looks more artist and real.. 

Now making the border of the nose and filling it in, is the same procedure and just don’t forget smudge the lines and corners because it plays a very important role in makeing your look – “look real” .. You can see i have made small cracks on my forehead using a liner .. Giving some shadows on forhead and nose makes you come closer to the end of this makeup section..

The last part of my looks a little difficult but it is very easy.. All you have to do is use your penliner and make the outline of the whole area around your lips.. Then fill in with kajal.. Lastly use the pen liner for small details around your lips and cheeks..Use a bit of red lipstick under your eyes and lip area to make it look the scariest of all halloween makeup .. 
I hope I helped the one who wanted some ideas for this halloween .. And yes you can do your own add ons and be more artist…

Makeup Products Used:-

White Jumbo Pencil :- NYX Cosmetics 

White shade :- Makeup Revolution London Salvation  Girls on film 18 ( myntra online)

Kajal:- Lakme Eyeconic Kajal and Boutique Kajal

Liner:- Lakme liquid and pen liner

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I never thought that I’ll be a part of Amazon Fashion Week like this soon but today I am writing my experience and what I wore and how I styled and everything..



It was Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 2017 which had a theme of #modernindiafestive which means Modern-India which speaks festive..

So I only attended just one day  (out of the 5) and my whole motive was to have my own style and stick to the theme.. I would like to describe from top to bottom..

Starting from top :- I did heat-less braided curls to give a huge amount of volume to my hair and wanted to work my way with some Indian accessories .. I choose a Mang Tikka and Naath combo..  



I choose silver and gold combination to make it a little different from the usual.. And then taking about the most worked part MY MAKEUP..!

I wanted to do something very different and the first thing that came into my mind was doing two colour lip shade.. I choose blue and pink for a bold and fierce look as Amazon Fashion Week is the right place to experiment but you can go with two different shades of the same colour for some special occasions to keep it simple .. Then as my blog is all about showcasing trends so going with glitter was a must which made me choose this golden eyeliner.. 

Did i forgot to mention that my Naath is actually an earing.. Its all about how innovative you can be but always keep in mind you don’t have to look like a clown in the end so everything should be put together in a very thoughtful manner..


Tassels and Pom-Poms are the most favorite trend this season so i got these tasseled earings and I made my own pair using loose Pom-Poms (you can find pom-poms at any stationary shop).. Creativity is always the best thing to try when it comes to fashion as it will portray your sense of style and no one can have that same thing or style as you have made it yourself.. SO making these DIY heels was my best decision..




Let’s move on to THE DRESS.. It’s this amazing neon pink and blue colour which sadly the camera is not able to capture but its has embroidered details at the end and have tassel details at the top part.. The colour and these little details on the dress is best to describe the Spring-Summer…


The box clutch that I am carrying describes my whole look and is super sassy and trendy but at the same time a traditional ring and those North Indian Accessory on the other hand makes me stick to the theme of Amazon India Fashion Week..

I want you to know that what I am wearing in my hand is a traditional accessory  worn by ladies in the states of Himachal and Uttrakhand and is known as bajuband .. 


The last element of my outfit is this dupatta.. You cover a dress with a shrug or a jacket etc but this dupatta can also do the same job plus making the look more feminine and Indianise.. There are alot of different ways one can drape this dupatta , I choose to keep it simple as my whole look had alot of twist and turns but you can tone down the makeup and accessories and try a different way ..

20161018_02505620161018_02490420161018_02532020161018_025614-copy(P.S Twirling moments captured )

I had my first and most special experience of fashion trends and fashion in general at one place for those hours in Amazon Fashion Week.. This is how I styled and  what I wore at Day 4 of Amazon Fashion Week.. Please let me know if you like my style in the comments below as it was my first time with such a fierce makeup and the whole look …




Dress:- Topshop

Dupatta :- Friend’s

Heels :- DIY

Earings And Ring :- Janpath

Naath And Maang Tikka :- Local Shop

bajuband :- Mom’s Collection

Box Clutch :- Cupcakesandcloset (Instagram)

MAKEUP :- Golden Eyeliner , Pink Lipstick and Blue Kajal :- Lakme Cosmetics 

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Festive Mix..!


Festive season just started with the celebration of Durga Pooja and Navratri and soo there are alot more festivals in this month.. So for that i am trying to make a series of looks which you can try in this festive season..

Starting from the most talked and tried trend this season Indo-Western .. So Indo- Western basically means mixing  two trends Indian and Western..

I personally don’t wear kurtis or suits or Indian outfit much but mostly I style it with a mix of western touch. Talking about this outfit, it has all the indian vibes going on above the waist line and below the wait line its all modern..


Japuri traditional printed kurti with this eye poping royal blue colour will work best for this festive season.. And to give your simple printed kurti a more vibrant vibe i went ahead and used my earing from krafted with happiness to give some popup details to my neckline.. 

I loved the short frok kurti with a collor neck and the prints and the colour.. If you can style a light and comfortable kurti and make it look all festive ready then why to go with those heavy kurtis/suits..

Wearing these earing with multicolour beads works best in contrast with the collor details..

This Year’s Obsession.!!

What’s Up Guys..?  Lets talk about obsession ..! What trend are you guys obsessed with lately ?? Comment below or in any of my social media and let me know.. But today I will be sharing my obsession of a fashion trend of this year “Off-The -Shoulder”or “Bardot”..

Recently I shared a post of how to wear  this trend in a different way , then we even saw a dress featuring off-the-shoulder trend and now again.. My earlier two post where a little towards dresser side , so this time i wanted  to keep it casual so that the girls out there can easily wear this trend on a day out or for college etc.


Describing the top.. Its a beautiful simple striped bardot top with buttons in the front giving it a look of a shirt. The best part about this top is the colour contrast as mostly we see black and white striped tops but this have blue and white stripes which made the look of the top more vibrant,different and playful.. 

The top had these buttons in the front for the minimum yet perfect detailing needed for a casual wear…




Talking about another famous trend these days –  “The Frayed Bottoms”.. Frayed basically mean unfinished or worn at the edge  and relating this to fashion it means that the part of the fabric has threads coming loose ..


Soo my bottoms where basically white denims featuring two trends here which i will take one by one.. Firstly , Frayed Bottoms : At the bottom of the denim and at the waist line its all frayed , so these denims take this trend to a step forward by giving this amazing detail of frayed even at the waist line …

Secondly , Lace Up trend.. You all must have heard or have seen  the lace up neckline tops all over social media or online and offline stores but what i found was this lace up denims.. In-spite of the old drill of a button and a zip in our denims it has this lace detail which makes it soo different and stylish..These perfectly coordinate with the top and without putting more extra effort, makes the whole outfit look extremely fashionable and every-day wearable at the same time.. And yes in the end its High Waist-ed , you guys .. No one can demand anything more in these  beautiful white bottoms.. 




DIY Alert..!! This shoes have there own story .. These are those sport shoes the we all wore in our school days.. Believe me guys, having something which is not similar to anyone is one best feeling.. And before buying those pair of Adidas which mostly everyone has, think about creating one pair that won’t ever be similar to anyone for yourself by just putting little more of your creativity and time and less of your money.. If you want to know the steps and everything about this shoe DIY then comment below or on any of the post on my social media and I will try to make a video or a blog post about the same.. And the best part of this shoes is you don’t need any other accessory as your shoe wants all the attention..



Lastly these glasses.. another trend which is quite in – The White Rimmed Glasses.. These are my  most favourite frames right now.. Working there way up from 90s it has been so pleasantly accepted these days.. Having a change from those cat-eyes and bringing the white in will be a great idea for all those who wear glasses all the time or even for those who wear it for fun… The only tip is to get the right frame depending on your face cut.. 




This outfit can be worn anytime of the day with your personal take over it..  I would like you guys to try this amazing trend of Bardot or Off-The Shoulder and let me know by tagging it to #cultfashionme …




Bardot Top :- Janpath (rs. 250)

Jeans:- Forever 21 

Shoes :- DIY

Glasses :- C.P ( rs. 150)


Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram or Facebook page and press the follow button for always getting notified about my blog.. I love hearing from you guys!


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