Fusion Bites.!!

Hello beautiful people..! Hope you all are enjoying your Sunday  ?  I am back again with a very different look.. Basically I am not a person who can pull off every and any kind of mix &match, as I said earlier I like to coordinate so for me the biggest challenge is to do something in fusion theme .. And today my post will be all about ‘FUSION TREND’..

‘Fusion’ as the word suggest, means mixing two or more things together which in fashion dictionary means mixing two or more trends together..!



So I choose to mix not only the patterns but even the colours and the styles.. Lets start from the top.! Wearing this white formal shirt with a traditional printed koti so that the colour of the koti pops out over the neutral colour white… And then to give some details in the neckline I choose this statement neck-piece with pom-poms so that it again gives a vibe of fusion ..


Playing with colours and patterns and style is all about fusion.. So mixing the pole aparts i.e a formal shirt with a traditional koti is my take over this (fusion) trend.. Under these I wore a simple long skirt to give it a touch of, not too heavy indo-western outfit but wearable (specially in summers) and comfortable yet fashionable indo-western pick..

The prints on the skirt and the koti are different but they coordinate as the koti has a symmetrical pattern whereas the skirt has different patterns on every plate of it.. 




Wearing the long skirt high waist-ed and with the little details like pom-poms on the thread of the koti and the neck-piece makes a huge difference in the complete look of your outfit.. 

Fusion is certainly not my game but trying it out was soo much fun.. You can wear it to a family function or even this Diwali by doing some changes as per your style or you can even do the same… It gives a casual look with  boho-ish sneakers underneath AND with the patterns and accessories it gives a vibe of traditional AND at the same time wearing a white formal shirt has made the colours look more vibrant.. 


Am I wearing sneakers? WHAAT!! Yes guys, I wanted to make it more casual then dresser so I decided to pair it with these deep red sneakers with fringes at the back of the shoe.. These bohomian sneakers to some maybe not coordinate with this look but this is the whole point of fusion .. As we have to mix&match so that it looks put together in the end..

My clutch is also traditional so that it works for different Indian occasions and It goes pretty much with all the patterns and colours in my whole outfit..img_6838


Wearing an earnings as maang tikka ( DIY ALERT!!) has worked best to make it look even more traditional..  Making a messy low bun to give an effortless look to this style can again be a very good idea.! 

Wearing this whole outfit made me feel alot more confident just like a BOSS when i wore these shades.. img_6840

And yes lets not forget to talk about the makeup.. My focus was my eyes soo I did smokey eyes with a heavy winked liner for a more night look or for a function look.. and the lipshade is pink-ish red as it matched with the whole outfit idea… 


Ending this post by telling you about the location which certainly is a PRESS VALA’S Shop (i.e where the person irons our clothes ).. I hope you can relate and I explained it well 😛


White Shirt :- Jabong 

Koti :- Jabong

Long Skirt :- Sarojni Nagar

Neck-Piece :- Janpath 

Shoes :- Gifted

Clutch :- Connaught Place

Mang Tikka :- Mom’s Earings (diy)

Sunglasses :- C.P 


Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram or Facebook page and press the follow button for always getting notified about my blog.. I love hearing from you guys!

                               Lots of love and Stay Fashionable !!




Casual Kick.!

Casual is Comfortable .. But today my junior requested me to make Casual look Sexy and Fashionable yet Comfortable ..Yes guys, today the table will turn and you will know the effortless , sexy , comfortable, easy and CASUAL way to head out in summers..!


This outfit is simple yet stylish and it makes you look super sexy while you are soo comfortable in what you are wearing… You can wear this look to your college , a day out with your friends or even to a fun and adventurous sunny day..


Soo i choose to pick my denim shorts,  a red cami top , a check shirt , my most comfortable  plimsoll shoe and my go to handbag..

Summer is all about Shorts for me.. Shorts are my forever love ❤ and you guys will know this pretty soon as to me it is the most comfortable and breathable piece of clothing for summers.. As requested i had to go casual and sexy so my first pick was the colour red in my outfit and that certainly cracked onto this red cami top ..


This red cami gave a pop of colour to the whole look.. Working with the red and checks makes the whole pattern with solid ,mix-match look more accomplished 😛

The trend of tying a shirt/sweater around the waist from the old Bollywood movies is now again up in the streets and is recently featured by Vanessa Hudgens or Gigi Hadid and many more celebrities..


Tying this checked shirt around my waist has made this whole look more casual yet styled on point!! Tying a shirt has made my waist line look more defined and made my shorts look more playful.. High waist-ed denim shorts were my pick to coordinated with the whole outfit idea.. I wanted to keep it casual and wearable at any time of the day for any plan that comes up…

With this bag though..! This bag is BLACK 😛     Black that never fails to impress.. Its a simple college going black leather bag with golden chain detail  .. And personally I am not a fan of handbags but this is my favourite because of it simplicity and colour..




As for me coordinating is very important so may it be colour or pattern somewhere or the other at-least one thing should coordinate… Here i have these perfect shoes to match my outfit.. Trust me you guys these are very comfortable.. and the black-white check print on them make them different from just white sneaker trend..These perfectly match the outfit and doesn’t makes the outfit go out of the current motive of keeping everything CASUAL..


I have worked with this ombre red and white shades to complete the whole outfit and  get ready to go on streets… This is basically how one can look sexy by showing off the legs or the neck line and yet being casual by the checks or by keeping the minimal accessory game on point..


Casual should always be comfortable but the challenge you can do is to make it more dressy or fusion it or like above keep it simple but sexy 😉


Red Cami Top:- Koovs

Shorts:- DIY (Old Denim Jeans)

Shirt:- H&M

Shoes:- Sarojni nagar (rs.450)

Handbag:- Gifted

Sunglasses :- C.P (rs.150)


Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram or Facebook page and press the follow button for always getting notified about my blog.. I love hearing from you guys!

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Colour Blocked!

Hello Fashion Lovers!! First of all THANKYOU soo much for appreciating my work and loving me soo much..Fashion blogging is not as easy as few my think its a lot of hard-work and time, so when you people like,comment or share/follow it feels good as for us its the symbol that we are working at the right direction and our work is being loved by people 🙂

So, Lets talk about Trend now 😀  As in my last post i talked about wearing OFF-THE-SHOULDER  trend differently but this time I would like to make it simple.. What if it is worn the way it is ?? How can we make that look different??


I wanted to style this off-the-shoulder with colours.. This is a beautiful striped midi dress which i choose to style it with my colourful clutch and pom-pom earings..


By matching a colourful palate with the simple striped off-the-shoulder dress it just makes it look more alive and classy.. When i bought this dress i thought over,around 7 ways to style this (comment below if you want to see all ) but over all of them i just felt like making it colourful and eye captivating so I choose this to finally style and share..

Stripes,Pom-Poms,OFF-THE-SHOULDER and (forever) PUMPS these are all the talked about trends this season..


For me colour coordinating is very important so by making the striped dress look vibrant by all these colours I took care of not going totally out of  motive.. So I mostly try to colour coordinate as here my clutch and earings do and my nailpaint and heels ^_^

Now next is the messy bun.. Hairstyle with an off-the-shoulder could play an equally important role than styling the whole outfit.. Putting it into a messy bun made most of the attraction onto my earings dangling till my shoulder,making my shoulder look more broader and beautiful…


Another important thing which you might have noticed is the waist band.. I choose to tie a Black ribbon around my waste to define my waist line as by doing so it just gives more shape to the dress and makes your body figure look more proportionate .. So I just certainly leaked my hack of making your body figure look more defined by just warping a ribbon or a belt or anything in that case(which certainly should go with your outfit)..


Its you who can create your own style statement these earings and clutch work best with indo-western, fully traditional or a fully western trend (like you see here) ..

The basic red pumps can easily be styled and colour coordinated with any type of outfit and can make that outfit look more glammed up !


Lastly, I dolled up myself with a red lipstick and my favourite winked liner over the grey eye shadow… (makeup stuff !! )



DRESS:- Lifestyle

EARINGS:- Krafted With Happiness

CLUTCH:- Connaught Place (rs.250)

Heels:- Shuz Touch (Jabong Online)


Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram or Facebook page and press the follow button for always getting notified about my blog.. I love hearing from you guys!

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First Blog Post !

Hello everyone! Are you people ready to come with me to this beautiful world of fashion.

Soo this will be the first trend I will be talking about.. As promised i will be showing my creative and fashionable side at the same point.. So my first blog has a DIY also.. The most talked-trend this season is OFF-THE-SHOULDER tops .. but then have you thought of wearing off- the-shoulder trend in a different way ? If not don’t worry you have opened the right blog page.. img_6659

Wearing it down one shoulder makes it look very elegant with this beautiful orange-ish mustard colour skater skirt.. Black  top with these tribal print exactly where it was needed, elevates the top and the look all together..Colour coordinating with my nail paint with my nail art hack ^_^ (do comment and let me know if you want to know i did my nail art) ..


Did i mentioned the DIY.?? This clutch is my DIY with the gold studs embracing the clutch even more…

This could even be a glam day look and eventually a sexy night look…The idea of wearing this look altogether is poping up the sexy black colour with orange-ish mustard colour ..


Oopss!! I forgot to talk about my shades and heels.. Shades work best with every outfit if its a right pick.. These mirrored lens, round shades work best for my face type.. And the pumps though! Black pumps are the must have heels as they can make your outfit look more glamours…


Now lets talk a lil about the Chokers … Don’t you think i have covered all the latest trend in this one outfit..?? Anyways, the choker trend is soo in these days and with this outfit it looks somewhat like an expensive jewelry which is making the neckline look way more prettier.. img_6682img_6670  


TOP : Jabong (online)

SKIRT : Zara 


HEELS: Myntra

CHOKERS: Sarojini nagar

Picture Credit : AMAN GUPTA

That is it for my first post. Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram  or Facebook page. I love hearing from you guys!

Lots of love and Stay Fashionable !!