GlamUp with Black Hairspray

( This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.)

We all have dreams of being blonde, having Rapunzel hair or getting those bangs but what we fear is – Will that suit me??

Black Hairspray is one of the best brand to provide you with a huge variety of wigs,weaves, lace up fronts ,braids etc. to jazz up your look without actually going extreme. They are beautiful, come in every style, affordable, and are high quality pieces.  Regardless of what your beauty needs are you will be able to find it at Black Hairspray.


Types of Wigs at Black Hairspray :-

Weaves:-  Process in which a hairpiece is interwoven with real hair to conceal or increase the thickness or length of the hairstyle. The quality is amazing and feels so much like real hair.

Ponytails/Braids:-  The times when you want to look like Kim K. , Black Hairspray ponytail are easy to slip in and out and looks super natural.

Lace Front:- A lace wig or a lace front wig is a special type of hairpiece or wig in which human hair or synthetic hair is tied by hand to a sheer lace base which goes over the scalp. Black Hairspray has the best quality and different pieces.


Best Features of Black Hairspray:- 

  • Home Delivery
  • Huge Variety
  • Best Quality
  • Great discounts
  • Beauty Supplies also available



If you are keen then check out their website :- Black HairSpray (

Tips For Maintaing your CAR –


Owning a Car will always be the second most expensive investment after owning your own house. And as you need to take care of everything else. It’s important to look after and take care of that investment. Yes, it can be expensive and time consuming, but the investment you make today will save you money down the road.

Don’t be like the 1/3 of college students who change their oil less than two times a year because they simply forget to do it.  Your car won’t magically take care of itself. Get in the habit of regular car maintenance and quit relying on your folks to remind you to get your tires rotated or your oil changed.

Below I will take you through some of the rudimentary things you should be doing to ensure your car stays in tip top shape that I learnt while purchasing my car from


  • Tip 1
    Check and change the oil. No single step will help an engine last more than regular oil and filter changes will. Conversely, nothing will destroy an engine faster than neglecting oil-level checks or fresh-oil changes.
  • Tip 2
    Flush the cooling system and change coolant once a year. A 50/50 mix of coolant and distilled water will keep the cooling system in good shape and prevent corrosion and deposits from building up inside the cooling system.
  • Tip 3
    Brake fluid is hygroscopic. This means it is adept at attracting moisture. Moisture causes components to corrode and fail. Replace fluid and bleed system once a year. Brake fluid is cheap. Calipers, hoses, and sensors are expensive.
  • Tip 4
    Protect the interior plastic by parking the vehicle in the shade, using a window deflector screen, and applying a UV protectant to prevent the plastic and vinyl from drying out.
  • Tip 5
    Nothing keeps paint looking good and protected like a coat of quality wax. Apply wax at least every six months.
  • car4
  • Tip 6
    Everything with moving parts needs grease to survive. This ball joint went into early retirement due to poor lubrication.
  • Tip 7
    Change out transmission and differential oils. While not requiring frequent service, these fluids must be changed according to service intervals. Always use transmission fluid or gear oil of the recommended type and viscosity.
  • Tip 8
    Inspect, clean, and repack wheel bearings with wheel bearing grease according to service intervals. Wheel bearings and grease are inexpensive compared to spindle and hub replacement, or liberated wheels rolling down the road ahead of you.


  • Tip 9
    Driveline components such as u-joints also require regular lubrication. The driveline may have to be removed to access the zerk grease fitting.
  • Tip 10
    Keep it clean. While washing the outside of the vehicle is obvious, most everything the vehicle ran over can also get stuck to the underside. Hosing off winter salt and road grime is a good idea.

If you want to buy or rent any car for travel or your forever investment login to and get everything at best prices and under best supervision. 


Fusion Diwali..!!

Getting Ready for Diwali?? Confused between Indian and Western??

Let’s go Indo- Western because it’s much easier and comfortable..! At least to me…

Diwali is the festival of lights and colours.. It brings joy and celebration, so keeping up with the theme I wanted to keep everything colourful and simple..!!


I picked this colourful printed skirt which is extremely beautiful. The colours are very much festive and are perfect for your Diwali Night.. Wearing a skirt is much better option that wearing a sari or a suit.. It’s very comfortable, trendy and can be styled in billion ways!! Isn’t it.. I feel the time has changed and so are the trends.. Now you can rock your any indo – western look in any festival..


Because I had so much going on in the bottom, I choose to keep the top very minimal. Just how I liked it!! You can team it with a pattern or colour and rock Colour Blocking but I prefer to keep the focus on one part of the look.. So I picked a White Shirt..

* correction!! My dad’s Oversized White Shirt… hahahah..!! You can pick a fitted top too but I wanted something loose so sweat as less as I can with all the running around in the festive season..


Paring the look with my BIG JHUMAKS is so me..!! The only accessory I can live and die for…


Last but never the least, the major thing around which I created this Diwali Look is this Yellow clutch.. I am a huge fan of clutches more than any other type of bags.. And this yellow clutch gives me perfect Indian Vibes.!! It has 2 peacocks embroided which add on details.. It is totally festive and is that element which has the power to make any outfit Indian Festive appropriate.

This is my look for this Diwali.. What’s yours?? Leave a comment below or tag me with your Diwali looks with #cultfashionmediwali over your social media..



White Shirt :- Dad’s Closet

Skirt And Earrings :- Myntra

Clutch :- Hepburnette

Picture Credit :- Shubham Shrivastava (lala_photuwale)


Gold and Black..

Hello Beautiful People..!!

Today I bring you the easiest way to jazz your simple black dress just with the help of few accessories. 

Just by slipping on your favorite bracelet or grabbing your go-to studs, you begin to radiate confidence and rejuvenate your mood.

Jewelry has the incredible power to bring joy into our lives. When thinking of the pieces that make me happy, I realized that the majority are either junk or gold. My golden wonders make me feel extravagant even if I’m just going for shopping. 



Today I will be covering how to uplift a simple tube black dress just by adding the elements of accessories. Before I start I want to thank Trendy Alankar for sending these beautiful accessories. 


So for those days when you know you need to be bold, this Choker is a true classic! This features an eye-catching design that keeps this look from feeling too heavy. With this a gold shade hand cuff having such integrate but royal design and simple rings, you know that no matter what the day throws at you , these can keep it all tied together. I love wearing these golden wonders for an added boost of confidence when I know my style will be in the spotlight.

Delicately beautiful, these pieces are perfect for embracing your ability to capture the light around you and brighten up the world. These are my have-to-have earrings . With stunning gold over bronze, I recommend these to anyone who doesn’t usually wear gold colour. They are the perfect mix of dangle style.


It’s cliché…I know! However, this is the most important advice I have when looking for your own jewellery wonders. While it’s fun to follow the latest styles and trends, remember to wear jewelry that is true to your style. Jewelry should always uplift you and make you feel like the best version of yourself. These are my absolute favorite classic jewellery wonders.

P.S :- These are not original Gold -gold, they are just the shade or colour gold. Which I love..! Because I am a careless sack and these are best to have the same effect and rock it like a boss.


Therefore I paired a simple black tube lace dress with black heels and gold accessories.. The classic and most elegant combination which can never fail to gather all the attention around. 

So whether you choose to be bold, go geometric, or embrace delicate beauty, remember to find pieces that are true to yourself— your own little jewellery wonders.


Jewellery :- Trendy Alankar 

Dress:- Jabong

Heels :- Ajio 

Picture Credit :- Anubhav Singh 

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Style Your Jewels ..

I have been so busy with alot of good and new things planned for you guys.. I am also planning to buy an official website as our family is growing everyday.. 

So if there is any delay its only because of these reasons and I am hoping you guys will understand..

Anyways, Today I will share few tips on how to style your dainty accessories.. I am totally over that face of loving either extremely funky accessories or dainty pieces. 


Jewelry is such an easy way to add a little sparkle, creativity, and individuality to your outfit. Even a basic gray tee shirt, denims, and sandals put-together with the right jewelry can cool. While accessorizing with jewelry is fun, it’s also way too easy to find yourself in an uninspired jewellery rut. Do you find yourself rotating through the same three pairs of earrings day after day? Have you forgotten to wear bracelets completely? Is your jewelry lying in a tangled mess in a drawer somewhere?

Luckily, it’s easy to change up your jewelry-wearing habits and get excited about accessorizing again. Whether you want to buy something new and different, or simply wear your older jewelry in a different way.


Today these beautiful pair of accessories are from Shre Jewellery. They have the most beautiful dainty pieces. Today I am styling these beautiful earrings and bracelet from their collection. 


So, bracelets are also fun to wear, and doing so really adds a little something special to your outfits. Layers of gold or silver bangles mixed with thinner bracelets is a great look, especially with a simple sundress in the summer or else like I did pair them alone as my bracelet had this beautiful details of pearl bead and a bow. 


And another element are these elegant earrings which totally won my heart. This design is seen and spotted by celebrities and  if you want to own one for yourself, now you know where to reach..


I choose this super unique yet elegant top from GoIndia. This complemented the look and my accessories in the best possible way. The flower details in the sleeves are doing all the talking here.. 

Pairing my black skirt and my black heels to complete the look which in a way complemented my earring beautifully.. 



Oh wait a minute, lets admire this hairstyle though which took me just 5 mints. Let me know if you want a tutorial on it and I will post it over my Instagram Page

This is it for today, Don’t forget to hike up you accessories game with Shre Jewellery ..



Accessories :- Shre Jewellery

Top :- Go India Store

Shoes :- Ajio

Picture Credit :- Samiksha

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Black Dress Story…


Ah, The Black Dress… 

And in this case, the black Customized dress. Need I say more?

We all know and love our Black Dresses for one major reason in particular: versatility. And we all love high-low dresses for one fab-u-lous reason: wearability.



I’m excited to partner with eShakti to talk party summer dress (an important and essential part of our summer arsenals, of course) and when it boiled down to scanning the dress curated by eShakti — I couldn’t help but get down to the basics. The essential basic –A Black Dress.

A simple black dress never goes out of style and we enjoyed seeing the ways we can add a unique twist to the Black Dress in our cupboard. Perfect for any occasion, black is sophisticated and stylish. Add pops of colour and fun accessories for a new outfit every time! 


The  ‘Black Dress’ has been a fashion staple for years and is considered a wardrobe essential for any woman. The ultimate Black Dress is one that is a classic style and can be dressed up or down. I used this as my inspiration for the day it’s all about the modern woman, dressing up an simple outfit with stunning fresh floral accessory to turn it into something fabulous.



As eShakti provides customization option.. You can be your own designer and create the little additions for yourself, which was the most amazing option I found . For customization of  my black dress, I started with the scoop neck and back, along with simple bust darts were a great building block and I’m glad I kept the pattern on file. I added the sleeves and eShakti made sure to provide a perfect black dress with  back zipper and  pockets (for keys, phone, and lipstick on date night). This was PERFECT, for me.

This high low design was so simple and classy.. As simple this dress looks, more elegant and classy it makes you feel when you wear it.



As the dress did everything for me I just went with simple tassel earings and maroon pumps. You always don’t need alot of jazz of accessories. Sometimes the look of the dress itself is enough, specially when its such an elegant piece.


Finally, as black dress had a beautiful, plunging back and puffed up sleeves giving the best 80s vibes. Simple, stylish and classic. To draw some attention, I paired it with a floral headpiece ( basically these are original flowers attached in a hair clip) and added some dark lipstick detail to the make-up. If you want to the be the center of attention at your next event, a floral couture piece is the way to go.


I highly highly recommend you guys to visit eShakti for there amazing collection and customization option.. Experience of having the perfect fitted dress with your own touch of styling is beyond words which eShakti as provided me for sure.


Dress:- eShakti  ( )

Heels :- Allen Solly

Earings :- Janpath 

Picture Credit :- Anubhav Singh 

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Handcrafted Accessories..

I am so lucky to have you guys.. And so I am making sure that I work more hard and give you 2 post every week..

Another exciting news will be soon shared, so keep yourself updated by adding me over your social media.. I have also decided to be super active and talk more with you guys so make sure you ping me over my Snapchat (NupurPaliwal) and Instagram(cultfashionme).



So today I collaborated with a brand named ALAIRE DESIGNS which for me has some amazing handcrafted jewelry pieces..The designs are extremely unique and they look so beautiful.. You can admire there designs as shown in the pictures and I bet you haven’t seen these before.. Have You??


Starting from the outfit.. This amazing top is not a top actually.. Yes, its a Dupatta.. Their are alot of different ways to use a dupatta and one of them is making a top out of it.. And guess what? The more dupatta’s you have the more colours you have to choose from.. Its that simple..!!

Wearing a palazzo underneath that to pink was my way to colour block.. Pink complements yellow beautifully and as fitted the top is, wearing a palazzo makes it look more put together and definitely something you can wear to any family functions.


Coming to the accessories part.. So from the Alaire Designs are the ‘PAHELI’ Neckpiece, the ‘NAZAKAT’ Ring and ‘PAHELI’ Bangle which i am totally crushing over.. Have you ever came across a bangle with a doll? And no matter how funky it is it can be worn with your normal Indian outfit and you can easily pull off the look.. This ring is so beautifully made its looks more royal than those diamond ones.. This look is indo-western but you can jazz these accessories with completely Indian or Western..And these earings are from Krafted with Happiness another amazing store for different handcrafted stuff…


Completing the look with yellow bellies which I horded from past 3-4 years and never worn them and a bindi to add some more touch of Indian..

I am totally loving this whole look..Its giving me the best urban vibes and the accessories are the only elements that makes this look work and do all the talking..


So what we have learnt today is sometimes your outfit is so strong and has so many elements or colours or patterns that there might not be any need to accessories them but on the other hand some days you pick the simplest of the outfit and the most funkiest of your accessories to jazz and make your outfit look a million bugs.. Which I definitely had today…

Tomorrow is a busy shoot day.. What are your plans for tomorrow??


Dupatta:- Mom’s Closet

Palazzo :- Mom’s Closet

Earings :- Krafted with Happiness

Other Accessories :- Alaire Designs (

Bellies :- Very Old

Picture Credit :- Pankaj Mantri 

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Maxi Girl – Floral Part 2…

Hello Friends..!!

This blog was written and ready to be uploaded 2 months earlier but due to some reasons Today the day has arrived to finally publish it..

Floral series Part-1 is already uploaded and this is Part-2.. Lets Get Started..!!



There’s something to be said about maxi dresses and versatility. I remember when they first came in style (in my lifetime) back in school and I was so obsessed with the fact that I could feel so girly and elegant in a long dress and still feel comfortable. You can’t beat that!



Today on the blog, I’m bringing to you this fun and flirty floral dress I found at Sarojni Nagar! I had been on the hunt for something similar for a while—I knew I wanted something floral yet subdued with a feminine vibe to it. When I came across this dress, I knew it was exactly what I’d been looking for! The fit is so flattering, the print is feminine, and I think the halter neck are such a fun touch.


In addition to all of the above, though, what makes this dress so great is the fact that you can dress it for so many different occasions. It is simple enough for movie day or a Sunday brunch, but throw in some sassy heels and a fun clutch and you’re golden for a night out or other dressier event. Dresses like this are so great, especially when you are a budget shopper (like me) and can’t afford something new every time you go out.

I love finding pieces that can be worn in many ways, and this one fits the bill. Speaking of wearing it in different ways—this dress will be perfect for layering come Fall. The floral prints makes it appropriate for all seasons—just add some denim jacket and sneakers ! 


The dress has this beautiful floral print and a sexy halter neck which give it a sassy back detail.. Choosing to wear these flowers with my loose bun hairdo just added one more element to it.. It looked so perfect and I cant adore this look more… 


Keeping everything simple with the little tree detailed earings (going all green!!).. And simple makeup I have completed this elegant and versatile look…

Totally loving how everything is going so well..

This is it for today , will be back super soon..

Happy Thursday!!


Dress :- Sarojni Nagar

Flats :- I don’t Remember 

Earings :- Ajio

Photo Credit :- Swagat Sharma Photography

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I am back with a quick blog for all my female readers.. 

Yes’ I own a fashion and beauty blog but this to me was very helpful and being a reviewer and social media influencer its my duty to enlighten my reader about a product or services that is extremely helpful and worth trying(even if its out of my blog topics)..

Did you know that more than 150 million women suffer from UTI every year and more than 75% get UTI from unhygienic toilet seats? 

Picture this. It’s a nice mid-summer day. The sun is out, the temperature is nice and you’re out having a great time outside. Suddenly nature calls and you have to go to the public washroom. You go to the restroom area, and your mind says ‘Wait, do you really want to use this toilet? Can I wait till I get home?’ the environment is unpleasant and unhygienic. You must respond nature’s call . We all have confronted similar unkind situations.


We at Redcliffe Hygiene have come up with PeeSafe a toilet seat sanitizer spray that safeguards you from the deadly germs and bacteria while using the toilet.

“But my washroom is always clean. My company has a strict cleanliness policy. Why should I use?” Even if the washroom is constantly cleaned it isn’t germ-free. They harbor germs that could lead to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI), Diarrhoea, Gastroenteritis, Staph and Herpes. People are always on the move, they do not always have the opportunity to carry out their needs in a hygienic, comfortable environment. With Peesafe those unkind days are over!


Peesafe eradicates 99.9% germs & also deodorizes the toilet. A light weight bottle of PeeSafe is the perfect companion even while travelling. It is easy and hassle free to use and carry. PeeSafe Wet Wipes can also be used for added protection from dirt & germs. Try PeeSafe to Be Safe!

Being a blogger we change in different public washrooms and a natures call can happen anytime so when I was introduced to this I gave it a test and it works wonders.. It satisfies and makes very convenient to use public washrooms without having fear of infections.. 

PeeSafe is a very handy & compact toilet seat sanitizer that can be used almost anywhere be it any public washroom or at home. And Its very affordable too.. 


We women really need to have this and be safe … Its a common issue that we face and now we know how we can fight it through..

Being a woman you’ll be able to relate to the issue and I am sure would want to make Public Toilets safe for women.


This is it for today.. Just came to bring some awareness and to introduce you to Peesafe that is a necessity and should be there in your bags from now…




Picture Credit :- Samiksha

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Western Touch..!

Love is a very strong word to commit.. It just means the acceptance to stand by and commit to one forever.. 

I know you all are thinking where you are and this fashion blog has suddenly turned into some love lessons thing but No.. I am just talking about my love for footwear… I cant possibly explain but I do own more than 60 pair of footwear and still counting.. 


Recently I added these beautiful ice-cream printed jutti’s/bellies to my addition.. And if you are wondering these are from this amazing  store by the name Hepburnette .. We all own those traditional pair of jutti’s but having an ice-cream print? I don’t think so..  Hepburnette owns beautiful clutches,jutti’s, scrafs and bags having some cute and unique prints on it.. I absolutely love there collection and would suggest all the girls out there to buy one your self.. And before I start with my styling tips, I want to take a minute telling you about the in-sole of these jutti’s which is a very important factor for any shoes you own.. They are soft padded and have an additional stitching around the rims to keep you far away from those gorse shoe bites.. 

When you have the best of comfort with some crazy unique prints who wont buy it ???


Coming back to why I choose this outfit? These jutti’s where my main focus around which I build my outfit.. So I choose this beautiful dress (that you might have seen me wearing in one of my blogs i.e Amazon Fashion Week earlier) and wore it as a top because the pink tassel details where everything to match my beautiful jutti’s.. 


A tip here:- There is always an element that needs to pop and as I always say I am a believer of coordinating but in my own way.. Wearing head to toe  pink was also an option but not for me I wanted to brink more colours but still make it coordinated with my main focus “My Jutti’s”.. 


As I wore a dress the best way to convert it into a top is by wearing a skirt.. Choosing a black lace skirt to bring on some elegance to the look.. One should own a black skirt as its that basic thing which can be worn in 20 different ways(comment down below if you want to see a blog on how I do that) .. This fitted skirt extenuate my waist and gives shape to my loose dress/top.. 


These jutti’s are a versatile pick and ice-cream on it makes it casual but the pretty pink colour give it an Indian touch.. Walking down the streets while shooting I bumped into 3 people asking about these jutti’s.. Its that worth buying.. I am soo glad to own one for myself and had it to my collection.. 


I didn’t accessories it at all only because I love these jutti’s and the whole look and didn’t feel like adding any extra elements to it… 

I am hoping that after this blog you guys will definitely visit Hepburnette’s website(link below).. And would own one pair for yourself super soon..

This is it for today.. I will be coming back super soon.. 

Love Ya!!


Dress :- TopShop

Skirts :- Myntra

Jutti’s / Bellies :- Hepburnette (

Picture Credit :- Anubhav Singh 

Hope you guys liked it. Make sure you tell me your views on it in the comment section below or send me a personal message on my  Instagram or Facebook page and press the follow button for always getting notified about my blog.. I love hearing from you guys!

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